About Shiso leaves?

Shiso is one of the most beloved condiments in Japan. Because of its very good aroma and taste, it is often eaten with sashimi, sushi, udon and soba noodles.

What kind of ingredients?

Shiso has been a favorite condiment in Japan since the Jomon period. The leaves may be blue, red, or various other colors, but the most commonly used is bule jiso. It is often served with sashimi etc, so please enjoy it with fish.

How is it cooked in Japan?

Shiso is one of Japan’s favorite condiments. It is widely used with noodles such as soba and udon, and with white rice and pickled plums. You may imagine the feeling that pak choi is easier to eat and has lost its unique taste.

Where is it sold?

Shiso is not often sold abroad. You may be able to buy it in Asian supermarkets. But what is more popular is home-growing; you can grow shiso at home by doing a search on Perilla Shiso Green Seeds.