About Mirin?

“Mirin” is a sweet alcoholic seasoning made from rice. It is used with soy sauce and sugar to fry or stew vegetables and meat. It is a very versatile seasoning!

What kind of ingredients?

Mirin is a liquor seasoning made from rice. Mirin has a unique sweetness and richness, and gives shine and luster to food. It also has the unique effects of alcohol, such as removing the odor of ingredients and making it easier for the flavor to penetrate. It also prevents food from falling apart, making it a versatile ingredient.

How is it cooked in Japan?

Mirin is used in many Japanese dishes. It is often used with soy sauce and sugar to stir-fry or stew vegetables and meat. It is used in various situations such as sukiyaki and Nikujaga etc.

Where is it sold?

Mirin is sold abroad as “sweet rice wine” or “sweet sake”. You can find it in Japanese grocery stores, but it is overpriced in foreign supermarkets, and it is not always possible to change it. So, substitute white wine instead. If you combine it with sugar and honey, it will be much closer to the Japanese flavor!