About Shiratama flour?

“Shiratama flour” is made from glutinous rice that has been polished, washed, and mashed together with water. The dumplings “Dango” you see in Kyoto and other places are made from “shiratama flour”. 

What kind of ingredients?

The texture of “shiratama flour” is sticky, soft, and smooth. Generally, water is added to bring it back to its original state. Add water little by little and knead by hand. Then, boiling in hot water completes the shiratama dumpling.

How is it cooked in Japan?

“Shiratama flour” is generally made into dumplings and eaten with red bean paste or soybean flour etc. It is also sometimes added to parfaits. Furthermore, in Japan, pancake mix, tofu, and shiratama flour are sometimes combined to make doughnuts.

Where is it sold?

If you look up shiratama flour on the Internet, you will find several online shopping sites such as Amazon. They are sold by companies that want to deliver Japanese foodstuffs to overseas markets. However, it is a little expensive. In such cases, you can find Glutinous Rice Flour at supermarkets. Here is a good substitute.