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Thank you for reading my blog

This blog was established to share Japanese recipes for people around all over the world.
However, I`m not good at English. But, I have the very strong will to connect you with Japanese cuisine.
I hope you will warmly watch over this blog created with this in mind!

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Japan Tokyo
cooking, reading comic, watching anime
【favorite food】
your countries`s food  and Japanese sweets
After graduating the Keio university, have worked in Japanese company
Thank you for reading my blog.
I have been taking cooking classes since middle school and was in the cooking club in high school. So, I`m good at cooking. There are many delicious dishes in Japan, and it is the same in other countries. I would like to know a lot about everyone overseas. I would like to use this blog as an opportunity to make connections with everyone overseas.

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Celebrate! Published in FOODIES NOTE!

Japanese pasta with baby sardines I made was featured in the Japanese internet media “foodies note”.”foodies note” is a large-scale culinary media with approximately 216,000 followers on Instagram (as of July 2023).