Can you tell me more about Japanese seasonings?

There are many kinds of Japanese seasonings. So,you can read more about them here. It also includes measures to take if you don’t find the seasoning you are looking for at home.

There are materials that are not sold in local supermarkets!

Oh, sorry. but, don`t worry. You can read about it here.

I would like to know more about Japanese cuisine. What should I do?

Thank you very much. Have you tried making all the recipes yet? Or do you have any recipes you would like us to make? If there is a recipe you would like to try, please send us the name of the dish in the “Get in touch with me” section. I`ll make it and publish it.

Wrong English in the blog or name of the dish!

 So sorry. But I`m Japanese and not good at English. If you don’t mind, I`d like to know the revised text from the form below.

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